Introduction of HBA System (Human Bridge Agent)

HBA System (Human Bridge Agent)

Crossing national borders with a global recruiting service that connects people and businesses

It is a platform to support diversity recruitment and work abroad.

・ I want to hire a technical intern trainee.

・ I want to introduce a specific skill system.

・ I work in Japan as a technical intern, but I change my status of residence.

・I want to extend and work in Japan.

・I also want to provide support for job introductions.

・ I want to connect with the sending organization.

・ I want to find a supervision union.

・ I want to educate and accept human resources who have been in my business.

・ I want to recruit international students in Japan.

・ We want to recruit foreigners by dispatch.

・ I want to manage human resources on behalf of an employer on behalf of management.

・ We want to introduce a foreign human resources business as a new business.

・ I want to simplify the creation of forms.

In addition, equipped with necessary functions from various positions at various angles, we have prepared a platform for workers.

We will respond to all stakeholders, so please consider using it by all means.

Please access our website first and contact us if you are worried.

For a limited time, we will issue trial “ID” and “Pass”.

HBA Global Recruiting Division

* We also accept business alliances, sales agents, and investments. Please contact us.

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