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HBA 2.0 β版 運用中。

ログインには ID Passが必要です。


HBA 2.0 beta version in operation.

An ID Pass is required to log in.

Please contact us from the right.

Sign and open "HBA2".


Enter hba and no password.


If you contact us, we will issue a password.

Contact information 問い合わせ先 (In charge of Kono 担当 河野)


I will explain the HBA system on Skype. Please feel free to request.


Information by user

(in preparation)

Host organization (company / employer)

Supervision union (management group)

Public institutions and various groups


Annual contract 15% discount! !

Membership payment button


Trial(お試し)&Trial Continue(継続)

 5,000 JPY per month continue20,000JPY




・求職者登録2名 登録総数20名(送り出し機関


・ One month
・ 1 job posting (
accepting organization)
・ Three job seekers registered (
sending organization)
  * Other operation test is free within one month.

​Trial Continue 20,000JPY


Universities, various schools, educational institutions

年間契約がお得です!!15%OFF Annual contract is advantageous.







Free registration (only simple function)
Charge for version upgrade at any time
For more information,
・ Recruiting members before opening early!

 (¥ 5,000 / month ~)
・ Scheduled to go into full operation in May

Flat-rate system (Estimate will be sent.)

Bronze Member


 50,000 JPY per month 



​・求職者登録10名 登録総数50名(送り出し機関

・ 5 job postings (accepting organizations)
・ Recruiter registration 10 people Total number of registrations 50  

 (sending organization)



年間契約がお得です!!15%OFF Annual contract is advantageous.


Participating in the HBA also allows your business partners to centrally manage their operations.

Silver Member


 100,000 JPY per month




・ 10 job postings (accepting organizations)
・ 30 job seekers registered Total 100 registered




 We will settle the payment from the right, and after confirming the payment, we will issue a login ID.Pass in the shortest day to 3 business days.

Gold Member


 150,000 JPY per month




・ 100 job seekers registered Total 1000 registered
  10 jobs, 50 human resources (human resources company)


​HBA Systemの無料お試しできます。問い合わせフォームに「無料お試し希望」と入力し送信頂きましたら、仮ID.Passを付与いたします。

You can try HBA System for free. If you enter "Request a free trial" in the inquiry form and submit it, we will give you a temporary ID.Pass.


外国人技能実習生の導入  ・人材会社、紹介会社、各種人材エージェントの検索

特定技能者の雇用     ・クロスリクルーティングマッチング

求人掲載、求人検索     (国を問わず国境を超えた就業機会のマッチング)

就業、転職希望者の登録  ・自社専用の人材管理基幹システム

人材の登録、スカウト   ・各種契約及び帳票出力転記機能

・送出し機関の検索      在留資格申請書類の作成、雇用契約書の作成

登録支援機関の検索     管理委託契約の作成、在留資格チェック機能

監理組合の検索      ・各種教育(eラーニング、教材)

​・受入機関、雇用先の検索  ・口座開設、送金、住居情報、生活家電のレンタルetc  

・スタッフデータインポート機能 ・契約書などのファイル管理機能



HBA system overview (2020.05 all functions will be released)
・ Introduction of foreign technical trainees ・ Search for recruitment agencies, referral companies, and various types of recruitment agents
・ Employment of specific technicians ・ Cross-recruiting matching
・ Job posting, job search (matching employment opportunities across borders regardless of country)
・ Registration of applicants for employment or job change ・ Human resource management system exclusively for the company
・ Registration of human resources, scouting ・ Various contracts and form output posting function
・ Search for sending organization 機関 Create application documents for status of residence, create employment contract
・ Search for registration support organizations Create management contracts, check status of residence
・ Search for supervision unions ・ Various education (e-learning, teaching materials)
・ Search for host organization and employment  ・ Open account, remittance, house information, rental of household appliances etc. * Current functions




TOP screen image
The functions that can be used with ID / PASS will change.



​Reliably introduce the applicants to work and input and manage the detailed information of applicants to work.



Circulation of the job listing, current job information can be circulated, and the host organization (employer) can enter the job information.


弊社との登録契約頂いた場合に、ID PASSを発行いたします。クローズド案件の回覧や各種取引が可能になります。

If you have a registration contract with us, we will issue an ID PASS. Circulation of closed projects and various transactions are possible.


We plan to upgrade the version at any time. Please stay tuned.


Management screen image for sending organization


​価格表・機能 Ver2.0 詳細 

Price list / function Ver2.0 details


TEST Member



Beginner Member




Bronze Member




Silver Member




Annual contract is advantageous.

Gold Member


Option 01


10000 yen per month



Please pay in the order of →.

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